Power of an Offering

Power of an Offering



Powerful Teaching from Pastor Joe Cruse on:

1. Worship and Giving from a Grateful Heart
2. Making Room for the Anointing
3. The Power of An Offering
4. Giving Gets God’s Attention
5. God Will Use the Ridiculous to Perform the Miraculous

The passion of our lives is two-fold, to see people come to Christ, and to lead the body of Christ into His throne room through praise and worship….” say Pastors Joe and Becky Cruse, founders of Austin City Worship Centre, Cruse Institute For The Arts, and WorshipWorks Ministries International; a ministry devoted to demonstrating the power of God through worship and teaching of the Word. With a heritage rooted deep in Christian music and nearly three decades of ministry experience, the Cruses offer a unique, dynamic-celebration yet intimate-worship style, creating a solid platform upon which the glory of God easily falls.

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